Land Registers and Conveyancing Searches for Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use UKLRS to carry out my search?

We offer a trained and professional service. Property searches are often difficult to carry out by persons not having search experience. All of our staff are trained and experienced in this type of work. If a property cannot be readily identified we know what other steps are available to ascertain the information required to identify the property and its title.

Most of the time the additional expense and time taken in submitting further applications to identify the title, such as Index Map searches are carried out without further charges to our clients.

Furthermore, when we obtain a Property Register for our clients we also check the Day List entries, which provide details of any pending registrations such as a new purchase. A person interested in receiving ownership details would obviously be very concerned to know if there was a pending registration which would mean that the ownership details are about to change. No other land searchers offer this service on-line, not even the Land Registry itself.

Our Customer Services department are able to offer advice and assistance to our clients where that is needed both during the currency of a search application and after it has been obtained. This sometimes involves discussions with the Land Registry resulting in amendments to their records and far exceeds the service offered by other land searchers.

Our objective is to provide total satisfaction to our clients. We want your business and we know that the best way to receive it is to provide you with a first class, professional service. The service we provide to you is under constant review and is being continuously improved.

What are the advantages to corporate clients of using UKLRS?

Property and finance professionals often require very specific information. We have a number of customised Search Packs designed by professionals for professionals and are able to provide specific information for all our professional clients. We are also willing to customise some of our Search Packs to suit individual clients, should we be approached with your requirements.

We also offer exclusive discounts to our corporate clients.