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Registering a Restriction by an Absent Owner

What you need to know

This is an additional preventative measure to updating your property details that will deter fraudsters from dealing with your property when you are not living in it, and is used where you think there is a real risk of fraud.

The Land Registry will allow you to register a Restriction against your property, which will prevent it being sold without a certificate signed by a solicitor or conveyancer.

How to proceed

1. If you do not have an up to date copy of the Title Register you should obtain one. You will need to pay for this. Please click the 'Current Title Register' link in the menu on the right.

2. Next you need to download form RQ. Please click the 'Form RQ' link in the menu on the right to download it now.

3. Complete the form. There are 4 questions to answer.

  • Q1 - Insert your name, address, telephone number and email address.
  • Q2 - Insert the full address of the property that you wish to protect, as it appears in the Title Register. You will find the address at the commencement of the 'A' section of the Title Register, as in the example below.


  • Q3 - Insert the Title Number of the property. You will find the Title Number at the top of the Title Register, just above the commencement of the 'A' section, as in the example below.

Ttile Number

  • Q4 - You should sign and date here. Q5 can be disregarded as this only applies where the person making the application is a solicitor or conveyancer.

5. You should send your completed form to:

Land Registry Birkenhead Office
Rosebrae Court
Woodside Ferry Approach
CH41 6DU

No fee is payable for this application, and no covering letter is necessary.

HM Land Registry Forms Required

These forms are provided free of charge. Please click the links below to downlad them directly.

Associated Documents You May Require

You may need an up to date copy of your Title Register to be able to complete the forms. If you do, then this can be obtained via our website for our standard fee. Alternatively it can also be obtained directly from HM Land Registry at a reduced cost.