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Planning Application Searches

We offer a Planning Search (EN7) which is an environmental conveyancing search available from the Environmental Search menu at the top of this page.

This search provides details details of outstanding planning applications and mobile masts. Each application contains details of its status, e.g. application submitted, planning withdrawn, planning refused, appeal pending, outline application. A description of the project and the address is also provided.

Planning Application Map

The search also provides a detailed illustrative plan which is centred on the search address and shows the area with symbols that represent mobile phone transmitters, house extension applications, planning applications and telecom masts.

Ecological sites and infrastructure sites are also provided, again illustrated with a detailed plan.

This search is currently only avaliable available in England and Wales.

Ordering using our EN7 search form

1. Click the Environmental Searches menu at the top of the page.

2. Scroll to EN7 and select the Buy Now button.

Planning Application Search Link

3. Complete the form in the usual way.

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Environmental Searches

Neighbourhood, Environment and Utility searches are immensely useful when buying a property, as they usually contain considerable and invaluable information about the area and people near to a particular property.