Land Registers and Conveyancing Searches for Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

Obtaining historical property data

Older copies of the Title Register can be obtained by using this search. However the earliest date we can search back to is May 1993 (which is when digital record keeping at the Land Registry first began). We cannot provide Title Registers dated before 1993, although we can usually obtain copies of old purchase deeds (Conveyances or Transfers) dating back before this (see LR3).

The date that can be applied for depends upon when the property first became registered and the date of the current ownership. For example if a property was first registered on 19 May 1994 and the current ownership began on 20 August 2007 we can obtain an Historical edition of the Title Register for any date between 19 May 1994 and 20 August 2007.

Please note this search will not provide details of ownership for all previous owners but only the owners at the date specified.

To apply for a History Search please scroll to LR13 on our Land Registry Searches page for England and Wales. For Scotland, please select SC2.

Ordering using our search form

1. Order your search by clicking the Buy Now button

History Search order selection

2. Select one of the options at the top of the form.

Select the type of documents you require

3. Complete the remainder of the form with the property details. This is straight forward. Near the end of the form there is the following option:

Historical document details

The first option is used where you require the Title Register for the owners immediately prior to the current owners. In this case you do not need to provide a date.

The second option is used where you require the Title Register for another previous ownership. You must specify the exact date for the search.

4. Historical Editions of the Register are currently sent by post. Historical editions of the Register are paper copies of scanned images and are not presently available online. They are therefore sent to you by post, and you should receive them within 7 days.