Land Registers and Conveyancing Searches for Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

Multiple searches on a single application

Some of our search forms allow for the purchase of more than one search from the same form (usually up to 20). This is advantageous as it saves time in form filling and also provides discount (after the first 5 searches), which is automatically applied.

The searches which allow for multiple purchases from the same form are:

  • Title Register (up to 20)
  • Title Plan (up to 20)
  • Property Ownership Report (up to 20)
  • Audit Information for Property Companies (up to 20)
  • Bankruptcy Search (last 3 years) (up to 5)
  • Official Search in Bankruptcy (specified period of years) (up to 5)

Ordering using our multiple search forms

1. Navigate to our search page by clicking the 'Land Registry Searches' option on the menu bar. Some of our searches with this option will contain blue text between the search title and the search description; where there is no blue text, the option to make multiple searches becomes obvious once the 'Buy Now' button has been clicked.

Multiple order search

2. Select the number of properties you wish to include in your search and click next. The flag in the top right-hand corner confirms the location that you are searching in (England and Wales for this example).

Select the number of properties you require

3. Complete the form as usual and click 'Next' to progress to the next step.

Form details

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Discounts work differently with our multi forms. Discounts are calculated depending on how many properties are have selected to search on the form itself. No additional discount is applied at the checkout stage.