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Frequently Asked Questions

Finding property or land with no postal address

To obtain a copy of the Land Registry's Title Register and/or Title Plan a search is made either using the Title Number or the Postal Address. A parcel of land such as a field, alleyway or woodland does not have a postal address, so if the title number is not known the search is more involved.

If this circumstance exists we provide a unique search (LR1b in England and Wales) giving you a number of options to identify the property so that we can obtain the documents for you. These options are:

  • Provide a nearby residential property address.
  • Mark the latitude and longitude coordinates using our built in google map.
  • Upload a marked plan.

The first two options can be done from the application form itself. The third option can be done from the confirmation page once you have completed the application form and paid for your search.

If you think the land may be Common Land you can opt to include a Common Land Search as well.

Using our No Address search forms

1. Order your search by clicking the Buy Now button

No Address search link

2. Complete the form, and select one or both of the first two options, if you can.

Find location using a map

To find your location using the popup map, please first enter a postcode, town name, or even a combination of both. You can even type the name of the street and town to narrow down your location.

You can zoom in to the map by clicking the + button and move the pin to the exact location you require using your mouse and the latitude and longitude will be updated automatically.

Google Map ulility

Upload file link3. If you are unable to complete either of the first options, but wish to upload a plan, or if you wish to upload a plan anyway even if you have completed one or both of the first two options, then once you submit the form and pay for your search our confirmation of order page will appear. On this page is the option to upload a marked plan, which should either be in PDF, Jpeg or jpg format, with a maximum file size of 5MB.

4. Your search will be carried out in several stages. The first is to identify the property. During the first stage our staff will upload to your MyAccount a detailed guidebook which will explain and illustrate precisely how to proceed. If you have completed one or both of the first two options they will, at the same time, upload a plan which they believe shows the property that you are searching for. This plan is for you to mark and return to us, using the upload facility.

5. The Upload facility is also available within your MyAccount section. You will require your relevant Transaction ID before you can upload a file within the MyAccount section of this website.

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Uploading Files

Please make every effort to ensure that the files that you upload are clear and legible. When uploading a file from within the MyAccount section you will require a relevant Transaction ID.