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Discharge of a Registered Charge

What you need to know

A registered charge or mortgage secured on a property is normally discharged by the chargee or mortgagee upon payment of the final mortgage instalment (redemption). It is usually carried out electronically, i.e. over the internet, by the chargee or mortgagee using one of three methods:

  • END
  • ED
  • E-DS1

None of the above methods will apply to you if you need to do it yourself. However, if you are concerned that your redeemed mortgage has not been discharged you should first approach your mortgagee and ask them if they have discharged it using one of the above methods.

If they have not then they will usually require you to complete form DS1 and send it to them, which they will then execute and send on to the Land Registry.

How to proceed

1. If you do not have an up to date copy of the Title Register you should obtain one. You will need to pay for this. Please click the 'Current Title Register' link in the menu on the right.

2. Next you need to download form DS1. Please click the 'Form DS1 link in the menu on the right to download it now.

3. Complete Form DS1. The following questions need to be answered:

  • Q1 - Insert the Title Number of the property. You will find the Title Number at the top of the Title Register, just above the commencement of the 'A' section, as in the example below.

Ttile Number

  • Q2 - Insert the full address of the property. You will find the address at the commencement of the 'A' section of the Title Register.


  • Q3 - Leave this blank.
  • Q4 and Q5 - Insert the date of the charge or mortgage and the name of the chargee or mortgagee. These will appear in the C section of the Register (indicated below).

Q4 and Q5

4. You should disregard any further questions and should NOT sign the form.

5. Please now print the form and send it to your chargee or mortgagee with a letter requesting them to execute and date the form, and to send it to the Land Registry. The address of the chargee or mortgagee will usually appear after their name.

No fee is payable for this application.

HM Land Registry Forms Required

These forms are provided free of charge. Please click the links below to downlad them directly.

Associated Documents You May Require

You may need an up to date copy of your Title Register to be able to complete the forms. If you do, then this can be obtained via our website for our standard fee. Alternatively it can also be obtained directly from HM Land Registry at a reduced cost.