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Opening a ULRS Corporate Account

UKLRS Corporate Accounts are designed for business users who use our services frequently. We value our customers and try to offer the most comprehensive service possible. Corporate Account holders have access to exclusive discounts, preferred services and billing options.

If you are a business user and wish to apply for a corporate account you first need to be a registered user. We use the information you supply on the registration form to set up your account. If you are not yet registered with us and you would like to do so, please click here.

Once registered please contact our Customer Services department to arrange for your account to be upgraded. We may require a minimum order agreement or in some cases your account will need to be credited in advance.

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Discounts will be given on almost all searches save for environmental and local authority searches. We are unable to offer discounts on environmental or local authority searches because the price of these searches is controlled by the respective local authorities.