Land Registers and Conveyancing Searches for Scotland

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the consent of the owner required before I can obtain copies of the deeds for a property?

In short, no.

The Land Registration Act 1988 abolished the requirement to obtain the owner's consent, so that any member of the public can, since the Act came into force, obtain a copy of any other person's title deeds.

This is in line with the law for most other western countries, where consent is not required.

Are there any exceptions?

There are some searches and services that we offer that do require specific consent before we can provide you with a copy of the documents for example the LR22 - List of Properties Owned search can only be completed against a private individual if the applicant:

  • • is the owner or can provide the owner's written consent
  • • holds a power of attorney in favour of the owner
  • • is a trustee on behalf of the owner
  • • has a court order authorising the search
  • • is the trustee in bankruptcy of the owner
  • • is the personal representative of the deceased owner.