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Common Land Searches

A Common Land Search is usually made on land that has never been built on or which at one time may have belonged to a Lord of the Manor, a town or Village green or any other land you may believe to be common land, i.e. land used by the community at large.

Where you suspect that a grass verge, village green or other parcel of land is common land then you can apply for a Common Land search from the Environmental Search option in the main menu above.
We offer a unique search (LR1b for England and Wales) for discovering the ownership of a parcel of land without a full postal address. However, this will not help if the land is registered as Common Land. In such a case you should use our Environmental search form EN1. Currently, this search is only avaliable in England and Wales. This search will provide the ownership details (where known), details of the rights of the commoners with any restrictions on those rights, e.g. a right of pasture limited to donkeys and ponies, and a detailed land desciption including a DEFRA streetmap link and a Countryside and Rights of Way map. We also provide a detailed information guide explaining Common Land and the various parts of our service.

You may be concerned as to whether you should order our LR1b search (Title Register of property without a postal address) or a Common Land Search. Common Land will not be registered at HM Land Registry and so will not be revealed by our LR1b search. In practice it may be necessary to apply for both searches. The LR1b search form contains an option to include a Common Land Search.

Ordering using our EN1 search form

1. Click the Environmental Searches menu at the top of the page.

2. Scroll to EN1 and select the Buy Now button.

Common Land Search Link

3. Complete the form in the usual way.

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Environmental Searches

Neighbourhood, Environment and Utility searches are immensely useful when buying a property, as they usually contain considerable and invaluable information about the area and people near to a particular property.